Society and its dynamics are of vital motivation in my work. Trying to explore its orders and the structures that make us behave in a given way, can be disturbing and generates reflections about power, politics and culture as a construction, within a dimension that on many occasions connect with different past events. Therefore, communication (visual, lexical, textual) acts as the main foundation, like vehicle that reveals these three concepts and catalyzes social behavior. Hence, one can appreciate the use of text as a synthetic and effective way of questioning the spectator. 

I am interested in the subject’s behavior inserted in collectivity, so I question myself the role played by the artist within society, in terms of participation, as I consider the artist as a special investigator, who underlines and points out inoperative or dysfunctional aspects of his reality that disconcert him. In this sense, a considerable part of my work is inspired by a contextual experience that concerns me for being part of a specific moment of the history of the world, the country, the city, the micro-spaces. 

My concern regarding the access and consumption of the artistic product is defined, above all, by the interest on the object, as material giving sense to research, actions, interventions, performances, which in many cases favor their circulation in non-conventional art spaces at a certain point during the process. It calls my attention the social and fetishistic dimension objects acquire, defined, above all, by the use, history and contexts originating them.